“Similarly to earlier Chinese trips made by professional delegations, Viktor Orbán’s visit to China was also decidedly inspiring: even though there was constant work to be done and once again I had to become familiar with terminologies of various fields of expertise, the strict rules of Chinese protocol was nothing short of an unforgettable experience” – recalled Adrienn Simon of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s 2010 Asian trip.

For TransJet’s certified interpreter and protocol expert, this system of rules – in spite of its austerity – provided a significant handhold and support during the diplomatic and interpreter work that was fast-paced and without rest.

Diplomats travelling to and from China as well as heads of state administration regularly commission TransJet associates for escort interpretation work lasting several days.

During such assignments, our associates must serve as interpreters, tour guides and ‘walking encyclopaedias’ all at the same time, but of course only to the extent permitted by the schedule and programme of the given delegation.

Visitors arriving from China often inquire about current exchange rates, real estate prices and average salaries.

TransJet associates prepare for such questions in advance, however, there is no shortage of unexpected situations:

“Over the course of our work, we often visit places the average person will never get to see, and learn things which we wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise.

When I first heard the expression “water-mine”, I did not understand what it referred to.

Now I know that we Hungarians have such a treasure and I am proud to say that I have accompanied an ambassador there!

In one instance, our Chinese guest took a seat in such a way that the Prime Minister at the time—forced to sit opposite the guest—gave up his own seat for me.

I am happy to have also visited the Sándor Palace when Ambassador Gao Jian presented her Letter of Commission…” – said Adrienn Simon, founding interpreter of the TransJet Translation Agency.